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Chapter Forms and Information

Habitat Forms

Nebraska Pheasants Forever leads the nation with habitat acre enhancements. Make sure your projects get recognized by filling out the appropriate habitat forms. Habitat recognition is important for your chapter members, donors, and partners.  Help us to identify these projects and celebrate your habitat accomplishments!

Nebraska Pheasants Forever offers chapter signs to help you promote your local projects.  Click on the form below for more information.

Youth Pollinator Habitat Project Information is due to your Regional Representative by July 31st

Youth Pollinator Projects

Pheasants Forever offers a program for schools or youth groups to plant pollinator habitat.  Please visit the link below for more information and to receive the appropriate forms.


Sample Postcard

Banquet postcards must be ordered one month before your banquet.

The postcard will be mailed to your membership list (3+ years of expired members) two weeks before your banquet, unless specified otherwise

Fill out the Banquet Postcard Information Order Form, below and email it to or call 308-850-8395 to order over the phone or with questions.

New forms for 2015-2016. Please destroy all other forms and use only these for banquet reporting!


New updated raffle forms coming soon!


Updated forms for 2017-2018 coming soon!

  • Each chapter must have a current sales tax permit in order to conduct your banquet.
  • If the chapter does not have a sales tax permit and a “Form 13” on file at the PF/QF National Office, your chapter will be charged sales tax on all merchandise purchased from PF/QF.
  • If your chapter grosses over $5,000 or more on raffles at your banquet, you must obtain a Lottery/Raffle Permit.
  • If your chapter grossed $5,000 or more on a raffles and has not filed all Lottery/Raffle quarterly and annual reports in a accurate and timely manner, a representative from the Department of Revenue may show up at your banquet to shut down all raffles and games.
  • Late reports and payments of Sales Tax and Lottery/Raffle Taxes are not tolerated by the Department of Revenue from any chapter.
  • If the Nebraska Department of Revenue does not get full compliance, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever could be removed from the list of eligible recipients for future Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund Grants.
  • If the Nebraska Department of Revenue does not get full compliance from all chapters, the Department of Revenue “has the authority to revoke all Sales Tax Permits and Lottery/Raffle Permits from every PF and QF chapter in the state of Nebraska”

Press Releases & PSA's

To listen to the PSA, click on the link. To use the PSA, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As” to your computer royalty free.

Quail Forever Public Service Announcement

Pheasants Forever Public Service Announcements

Pheasants Forever banquet announcement – 30 second announcement then 20 seconds for the radio announcer to state your specific banquet information

Quail Forever banquet announcement – 30 second announcement then 20 seconds for the radio announcer to state your specific banquet information

Ask Permission to Hunt

Contact us at if you would like any of these PSAs in a CD version or if you have any questions on how to use them.

Other Forms

The committee recruitment letter is a template letter that can be modified with your chapter’s information and sent out to potential committee members.

This card is an example of a card that can be made and handed out at your banquet to help recruit new committee members.


Right click on the image to copy

Please bear the following points in mind when using the logos:

1. The PF and QF logo are our brand.  As such, we want to use the approved logo in as many locations as possible and want people to recognize that approved logo.  Anytime we can get our logo’s on signs, websites, partnership employee clothing, trailers, etc., that’s a good thing.  Continue to push the logo and its use!

2.  Both the logo and the name are trademarked.  That means no one can use or modify the logo without the permission of PF.  In a perfect world, the name would not be used without the logo.  Placing things like just the name “Pheasants Forever” or “Nebraska Pheasants Forever” on trailers, websites, etc. should be avoided….that doesn’t give us the brand recognition that we’ve earned.  We want folks that glance at something to have the instant recognition that comes with our logo.

3. Protecting Our Logo.  Please do not re-design or tweak the logos, this goes against the brand recognition that PF /QF has been working to build.

4. PF Policy.  Here is the PF policy on how, when and where our logo can be used. PF Logo usage POLICIES with merch artwork Logo Regulations copyright useage

5. Access to Logo’s.  When you need an electronic version of a logo or what to see the different versions of the logo that are available for your use, just ask the National Office or the State Office. Thanks for everything you do to make our brand bigger, better, stronger and more recognizable! Contact the State Office at 308-850-8395 or

Please contact your regional representative for any questions on these forms.

Regional Representative

Western Region
Colby Kerber
242 W Morrison Ave
Merna, NE 68856

Eastern Region
Jerry McDonald
2331 Devoe Dr
Lincoln, NE 68508