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2007 Chapter Awards

Nebraska State Chapter Awards 2007

Total acres of habitat established or maintained:
Cass County PF
18,784 Acres
7th Annual Banquet

Percent increase in dollars spent on habitat, equipment
and conservation education:
Mile High PF
2006:  $18,749
2007:  $41,653
Increase:  122%
20th Annual Banquet

Best First Time Event:
Dodge County PF
1st Annual Banquet
Attendance:  269
Net Dollars:  $15,134
% Net:  44.04%

Conversion of net dollars raised to dollars spent
on habitat and education:
Upper Big Nemaha PF
Net Dollars:  $4,592
Dollars Spent:  $32,233
Conversion:  $7.02
14th Annual Banquet

Total net dolars raised at the annual banquet:
Cornhusker PF
Net Dollars:  $45,216
Net Dollars raised over the last 10 years:  $476,920
20th Annual Banquet

Total dolloars spent on habitat, and conservation education:
Cornhusker PF
20th Annual Banquet

Percent increase in net dollars raised at the annual banquet:
Otoe County PF
2006:  $2,248
2007:  $7,292
13th Annual Banquet

Percent increase in annual banquet attendance:
Four Seasons PF
2005:  87
2006:  182
15th Annual Banquet

Best ratio of Net: Gross dollars raised at the annual banquet:
Lower Elkhorn Valley PF
Attendance:  265
Gross Dollars:  $44,795
Net Dollars:  $29,746
17th Annual Banquet

Highest net dollars per person at the annual banquet:
Kearney County PF
Attendance:  102
Net Dollars:  $14,037
2nd Annual Banquet

$100,000 Award 
Seward County PF
Rock Creek PF
Burt County PF

$250,000 Award 
Long Branch PF
Southwestern NE PF
Republican Valley PF
$500,000 Award 
Dakota Thurston PF
Great Plains PF