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2010 Chapter Awards

Nebraska State Chapter Awards 2010

Total acres of habitat established or maintained:
Great Plains PF
29,954 Acres

Percent increase in dollars spent on habitat,
equipment and conservation education:
Franklin County Covey QF
2009: $3,623
2010: $17,589
Increase: 385%

Webster County PF
2009: $8,474
2010: $19,023
Increase: 385%

Best First Time Event:
Central Nebraska QF
Attendance:  110
Gross Dollars Raised:  $22,935

Conversion of net dollars raised to dollars spent on habitat and education:
Wachtel fur Immer QF
Net Dollars: $7,694
Dollars Spent: $40,122
Conversion: $5.21
11th Annual Banquet

Total net dolars raised at the annual banquet:
Cornhusker PF
Net Dollars: $32,360

Total dollars spent on habitat, and conservation education:
Great Plains PF

Percent increase in net dollars raised at the annual banquet:
Dixon County PF
2009: $3,859
2010: $11,038
18th Annual Banquet

Percent increase in annual banquet attendance:
Bazile Creek PF
2009: 110
2010: 188

Best ratio of Net: Gross dollars raised at the annual banquet:
Perkins County PF
Attendance: 160
Gross Dollars: $24,178
Net Dollars: $14,210

Highest net dollars per person at the annual banquet:
Burt County PF
Attendance: 142
Net Dollars: $25,909


$100,000 Award
Western Nebraska P
FWashington County PF 

$250,000 Award
Golden Prairie PF
Heritage PF

Upper Big Nemaha PF