Pheasants Forever Nebraska

2Guns-A-Week Raffle

This raffle supports Nebraska habitat projects and youth education programs. Winners are posted on the website every Monday.
Tickets are on sale annually from August through Mid-October. To purchase a 2GAW 17 ticket contact your local chapter or call/email Ashley at or 308-850-8395.Week 12  • January 20th, 2020

Winchester SXP Field Walnut/Black 12Ga
Retail Value: $380

Winner #1: Greg Carlsen, Bennington, NE
Chapter Selling Ticket: Cornhusker PF

Winner #2: Tim Brouiloock, North Platte , NE
Chapter Selling Ticket: Cody Ringnecks PF

To obtain your prize, please contact the GI Loan Shop in Grand Island at 308-382-9573, 1004 West 2nd Street. Tell them you won a gun from Pheasants Forever and they will know which one is yours!

NE Raffle License: 35-6257461

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