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The Tri County Prescribed Burn Association (TCPBA) was formed in 2009 to assist landowners in planning and conducting safe and effective prescribed burns. TCPBA, a non-profit [501c(3)] Nebraska corporation, helps with prescribed burns in Lancaster, Saline, and Seward counties in Nebraska. The formation of TCPBA is supported by a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) that provided equipment and grants that continue to provide prescribed burn workshops annually across the state. The NET grant was awarded to Nebraska Pheasants Forever, and with this grant, local Pheasants Forever Chapters have assisted TCPBA with funding and volunteer help.  

If you are interested in joining, volunteering, or simply learning more about TCPBA, please contact us at Additional information is found on this webpage, as well.

TCPBA is supported solely by memberships, donations, and grants. We appreciate all that is given to us, and we try to be fiscally responsible and transparent. If at anytime you would like to see a financial balance sheet or our budget, please contact us.

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