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Open Fields & Waters

The Open Fields and Waters Program (OFW) is a joint statewide program between Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Pheasants Forever that focuses to expand hunter and angler access to private lands. The program was combined with CRP-MAP in 2011 to expand opportunities for public access to private lands beyond CRP.

The number of hunters and anglers in Nebraska has been in decline for years. Thus, OFW is an effort to ensure that the state’s rich outdoor heritage is passed on to future generations. The OFW Program was developed not only to maintain hunters and anglers, but attract new or inactive hunters and anglers by expanding opportunities throughout the state.

Benefits to Landowners

  • Receive payments on a per-acre basis for land or water enrolled.
  • Protection under the Nebraska Recreation Liability Act for allowing access.
  • Hunters and anglers would be provided walk-in access. No vehicles are allowed, except on trails specified by the landowner.
  • Help ensure Nebraska’s rich outdoor heritage by allowing expanded hunting and fishing opportunities.
  • Play a role in conservation by providing a means to control problematic wildlife populations.
  • Signs will be posted on enrolled lands by Commission staff.
  • All enrolled lands will be published in an atlas.
  • Encourage hunting and fishing, which will lead to increased conservation funding and actions

Open Fields and Waters Brochure 

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 CRP-MAP (1997-2011) OFW (2011 – Current) Program Summary