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Habitat Programs

Berggren Plan - The Nebraska Pheasant Plan

Pheasants Forever, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and various other partners have worked together to come up with a strategic, science based approach to produce the best pheasant hunting experiences for the most hunters over the next five years.

Click on the link to the right or contact a Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist in your area for more information.

Conservation Reserve Program

Originally established in 1985, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP),  offers annual payments through 10-15 year contracts to participants who establish grass, shrubs, and tree cover on environmentally sensitive lands. CRP is the nation’s most successful conservation program, improving soil, water, and wildlife resources, while providing important financial payments to farmers and landowners. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), CRP payments average $4,455 per farm annually. In addition, CRP lands contribute at least $4.7 billion annually from hunting expenditures, much of which support rural communities across the nation. Such efforts benefit landowners and wildlife alike. There are approximately 700,000 CRP acres under contract in Nebraska.

Several CRP program options exist to benefit pollinators and wildlife.  Checkout the Factsheets below and contact a Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist in your area for more information.

Corners For Wildlife

 Corners For Wildlife is a program unique to Nebraska that establishes permanent wildlife habitat on center pivot irrigation  corners. This program is driven by funding and commitment  from  local Pheasants Forever chapters, the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET), Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC) and local Natural Resource Districts (NRDs). To date, this program has been awarded grants from the NET totaling  $4,627,000.

Landowners enrolling in the program receive 75% cost-share assistance from Pheasants and Quail Forever chapters for the cost of seed and wildlife shrubs and a 5-year rental payment of up to $100 per acre each year, depending on the cover practice selected. NET and NGPC funds are applied solely to pay for landowner rental payments. The participating NRD plants the trees for free when the landowner selects 400 or more trees or shrubs for the project.

Program Results
The program has:

  • Enrolled a total of 1,885 corners across the state.
  • Planted 646,441 trees and shrubs.
  • Created 12,547.96 acres of nesting cover.
  • Worked with 17 participating Natural Resource Districts.

Information updated 06-22-2017

Corners For Wildlife - Burt-Washington

The Burt-Washington Corners For Wildlife Program is unique to Burt and Washington Counties.  This program is a partnership with Pheasants Forever and the Papio-Missouri and Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources Districts.  The program is designed to provide wildlife and pollinator habitat as well as safety at rural intersections. Low growing wildflowers and grasses are established at intersections to increase visibility between the county road and crop fields and provide foraging plants for honey bees, native bees and the monarch butterfly. Click on the following link or contact Scott Schmidt 402-618-2418 for more information.

Grassland Improvement Program

Grassland Improvement Program (GIP) is a program unique to Nebraska Pheasants Forever.  GIP is a partnership program between Pheasants Forever, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Funding is provided through a grant awarded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust and is designed to improve the quality of grasslands in focus areas across the state.  

This program is designed to be used in conjunction with:

• Prescribed burns
• Development of a rotational grazing system
• Eastern red cedar control & removal
• Interseeding pastures
• Wildlife habitat improvement

Landowners will be offered a payment to defer the grazing on pastures for one calendar year when burning & other grassland improvement programs are being performed on the grassland.

The program is designed to be used in conjunction with prescribed burns, development of a rotational grazing system, eastern red cedar control & removal, interseeding pastures, & wildlife habitat improvement.

This program is a partnership with Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, Nebraska Partnership for All-bird conservation,
Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.

Habitat Share

Habitat Share is a unique partnership between Pheasants Forever, Inc., the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Environmental Trust. The program is designed to increase the opportunity to improve habitat on public land. Projects occur on Wildlife Management Areas across the state through the work of contractors. Projects and specifications are sent out to contractors in a Request for Proposal (RFP). Since 2010, the Habitat Share Program has impacted 24,054 acres of habitat on Wildlife Management Areas in Nebraska. Through this partnership, we have spent over $3.56 million on habitat improvements increasing public hunting opportunities around the state.


To receive program information for contracting services, please visit our contractor page or send your contact information including an email address to or call 308-850-8395.

Before -HS


After - HS


NextGen Habitat Projects

The NextGen Habitat Project program is designed to meet several objectives. The program offers landowners an economically viable option to provide high quality honey bee and monarch habitat throughout the state. The projects establish specific pollinator habitat components that produce healthy pollinator populations of monarch butterflies, honey bees, native bees, grassland songbirds and a wide range of additional wildlife species. These projects help deliver national pollinator objectives including the national monarch butterfly strategic goal of establishing 1.4 billion milkweed stems to increase the monarch population to an overwintering area of 6 hectares (15 acres). NextGen Habitat Projects will produce results that reduce soil losses, encourage soil health and improve water quality. Lastly, the program is designed to bring together a wide array of agencies, organizations, landowners, and local beekeepers that will work toward a common goal of improving pollinator health.

Open Fields and Waters

In 2009, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) and Nebraska Pheasants Forever initiated the Open Fields and Waters (OFW)program to increase public access opportunities on private lands. OFW is a voluntary program that offers financial incentives to landowners willing to allow public
walk-in access for hunting, trapping, and/or fishing.walk-in access for hunting, trapping, and/or fishing.Today, there are 700-plus landowners in Nebraska who provide public access opportunities on over 250,000 land acres, 600 acres of ponds/lakes, and 41 stream miles.


USDA-NRCS Partnership Programs

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has a variety of programs to benefit livestock and wildlife.  Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists and Coordinating Wildlife Biologists work directly with these programs and are available to help walk you through the signup process.

The most common programs include:

More Partner Programs

Nebraska conservation groups partner together to provide various options for our landowners and operators.  Please follow the link to find additional resources that may not be listed above.