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Nebraska Seed Calculator 2015


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How to use the Seed Calculator.

Our latest seed calculator has a few new features on it, including macro buttons. When you first download the calculator, you must press “Enable Content” at the top in order to create your mix. For information on the new buttons at the top of the sheet, please see tab two “Macros” for further explanation. If you have a seeding mixture that you would like to use, simply enter the PLS seeding rates per acre into the calculator and submit the file for a bid.

If you are creating a mixture from scratch, please note that this calculator will provide you with the seeding rate information for each species you enter.  The “PLS Pounds per Sq Ft” column in the calculator will tell you how many PLS seeds will be planted in 1 square foot of ground over the entire acre.  For your entire mixture, the PLS Pounds per Sq Ft rate should be between 12 and 30.  Rates that are higher than 30 seeds per square foot of ground are excessive and will generally not establish any quicker or produce quality wildlife habitat.

Good luck designing your next wildlife habitat mixture!

If you have any questions please call 844-SEED-NOW for assistance.


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You will be contacted within two business days with your Seed Mix Price Quote.  Order will not be processed, unless otherwise noted prior to price quote.

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