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With over 250 different grass, wildflower and legume species available, we have one of the largest seed selections in the Midwest!  Our Habitat Guide & Seed Mixture Catalogue features new and improved mixtures. You are not limited to the mixtures listed in the catalogue, we are happy to put together any mixture you need for grasses, legumes, forbs and wildflowers.  One of our Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist will be able to help develop a customized seed mix specific for your area and to meet your needs.

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Pollinator Bear

Designed by Pheasants Forever biologists with a combination of wildflowers, legumes and native grasses, this Pollinator Bear is designed to provide the most critical needs for honey bees, monarch butterflies and native pollinators. The seed will cover an approximate area that is 10′ X 20′, or 200 square feet in size. Click on this link to purchase: Pollinator Bear

Wildflowers of the Mixed-Grass Prairie – A Pollinator Habitat Guide

This pollinator Habitat Guide is intended as a resource to help you identify and understand the importance of pollinator habitat and ways to create and manage pollinator habitat. The wildflowers in this guide are presented by the date and basic chronological order that they tend to bloom in average year. Click on this link to purchase :

Wildflower Book


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Recommended Forb Species 

Recommended Drought Forb Species 5.2013

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