Pheasants Forever Nebraska

Chapter Equipment

Nebraska Pheasants Forever works in partnership with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to offer no-till drills to private landowners to seed habitat mixtures.  These drills are provided through a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

A No-till Grassland Drill is a multi-purpose drill that can seed a variety of crop, or conservation projects. Typically in the conservation world, no till drills are used for planting food plots and grass and wildflower seedings. Many native seeds cannot survive or spur growth if buried too deep. So scattering the seeds and providing maximum seed to soil contact on the top soil is most beneficial. A No-Till Drill is designed to do several operations in one step. The front openers cut a trench, drop a seed at the proper depth (determined by the variety selected for seeding), and then cover the seed. This allows for proper seed to soil contact. Most drills have three seed boxes to fit the project’s needs: a main grain box for seeding those food plot mixes, a native grass box for fluffy grass seed mixes, and a small seed box for wildflower species. Grassland No-Till Drills are available to rent across the state from many local Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever Chapters. Contact one today to get started on your seeding projects.

Chapters may have other equipment available for rent.  Please click on a chapter near you to learn more about equipment rental and availability.

Questions on drill operation or seed establishment? Visit the FAQ page.