Pheasants Forever Nebraska

Chapter Forms and Information

We are The Habitat Organization

Nebraska Pheasants Forever leads the nation with habitat acre enhancements. Make sure your projects get recognized by filling out the appropriate habitat forms. Habitat recognition is important for your chapter members, donors, and partners.  Help us to identify these projects and celebrate your habitat accomplishments!

Habitat Project Agreement Form
As the “habitat organization” we are committed to establishing and maintaining quality habitat projects. This form documents individual habitat projects (e.g. nesting cover establishment, shrub plantings, food plots, prescribed burning) that are funded by chapters. It is important to record the general location of each habitat project so that we can keep our habitat project maps up-to-date.

Chapter Habitat Summary Report Form
What impact has Pheasants Forever made in your area? What has your chapter accomplished in the past year? Completion of this form allows your chapter to receive recognition for your hard work and it allows Pheasants Forever to accurately report our accomplishments and achievements. You can also complete this form online. Thank you for your help and continued support!

Habitat Signs and Decal Order Form
Custom Habitat Cooperator Sign Order Form
Habitat project signs highlight places where Pheasants Forever has worked in cooperation with private landowners to establish or maintain habitat. Or, perhaps the sign belongs to a passionate supporter. Those bright orange signs are not an open invitation to public hunting. Always ask for permission to hunt on private land.

Supporting Local Habitat Improvements

Pheasants Forever’s no-till drill rental program helps landowners establish and improve habitat. Thanks to grant funding support from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, we have 60+ drills available throughout the state. Please ensure that all of the renter information is filled out during each use. The acres planted, locations, and cover types provide important data for reporting our habitat accomplishments.

Use of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Logos

Our brand identity is the image we present to the outside world. When you display a Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever logo, consider how it aligns with our mission statement and reputation as being the leading upland conservation organization. Consistency is key. Our ability to generate support for conservation depends on the effective use of our logos, images, and messages that form emotional and logical connections with our stakeholders.

For more information, please read the Brand Standards Guide. The guide has links to high-quality logos and images that are available to download.

Need a new banner, banquet booklets, or other branded materials? Chapter leaders can use Range on Demand for a variety of printing services.

Banquet and Membership Reporting

Since our founding in 1982, Pheasants Forever’s life-blood has been the dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time to build local chapters and deliver our mission. Banquet and membership reporting help us to  maintain strong accountability in how we deliver our mission so that members and supporters can see the direct results of their contributions.

Youth Mentor Hunt Chapter Challenge

Chapters can earn one or multiple chances to win a grand prize (e.g. a set of four over/under shotguns) by simply contributing to our Youth Mentor Hunt program. All proceeds are used to purchase orange hunting vests or dove hunting belts for our Youth Mentor Hunt participants.

Nebraska Gaming Regulations and Sales Tax Information

Visit the Nebraska Department of Revenue’s website for lottery/raffle application and reporting forms.

  • Each chapter must have a current sales tax permit in order to conduct your banquet.
  • If the chapter does not have a sales tax permit and a “Form 13” on file at the PF/QF National Office, your chapter will be charged sales tax on all merchandise purchased from PF/QF.
  • If your chapter grosses over $5,000 or more on raffles at your banquet, you must obtain a Lottery/Raffle Permit.
  • If your chapter grossed $5,000 or more on a raffles and has not filed all Lottery/Raffle quarterly and annual reports in an accurate and timely manner, a representative from the Department of Revenue may show up at your banquet to shut down all raffles and games.
  • Late reports and payments of Sales Tax and Lottery/Raffle Taxes are not tolerated by the Department of Revenue from any chapter.
  • If the Nebraska Department of Revenue does not get full compliance, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever could be removed from the list of eligible recipients for future Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund Grants.
  • If the Nebraska Department of Revenue does not get full compliance from all chapters, the Department of Revenue “has the authority to revoke all Sales Tax Permits and Lottery/Raffle Permits from every PF and QF chapter in the state of Nebraska”

Radio Announcements

Use these audio recordings to invite people to your next Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever chapter banquet. Each banquet promo has empty air space so that a radio announcer can mention the specific date, time, and location of your chapter’s banquet. To save an .mp3, right click the audio title and select “Save Link As…” from the option menu.

Looking for radio stations or contact information in your area? Visit radio-locator for a complete listing of Nebraska radio stations.

Letter Templates

Customize these word documents to help increase involvement in banquet planning and attendance. Remember to share personal stories and highlight chapter achievements to increase emotional and logical appeal. Also, use results from chapter habitat reporting and youth events to strengthen your message.

Pheasants Forever Banquet Press Release
Quail Forever Banquet Press Release
Banquet Committee Recruitment Letter
Banquet Committee Recruitment Card

No Child Left Indoors

Reporting chapter youth events is very important. This information is used to provide liability insurance for chapters and volunteers, report accomplishments, secure grants and donations, and to tell your story at the national level. Please submit this report form within 30 days of each youth event. Thank You!
No Child Left Indoors Event Report Form

Youth Mentor Hunt Forms

Looking for Youth Mentor Hunt forms? Click here to see the required packed.

Regional Representatives


Western Nebraska Regional Representative
Nick Mizera

North Platte, NE

Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Regional Representative
Aaron Williams
155 Norwood Dr.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Please contact your regional representative for any questions on these forms.

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