Pheasants Forever Nebraska

Pheasants Forever aims to create new and more active hunters.

Introducing youth to the outdoors can trigger a lifetime love for shooting sports, hunting, and upland habitat conservation. However, if new participants do not have support in the form of information, next steps, continued learning opportunities, or social support, they are more likely to drop out of the activity. The Next Steps Hunt Program provides follow-up opportunities for Youth Mentor Hunt graduates so that they can continue to build skills and confidence in outdoor pursuits.

The Next Steps Hunt Program connects a youth and adult hunting partner (e.g. a parent, relative, or family friend) with an experienced adult mentor from a local Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever chapter. The mentor will help coordinate and schedule up to three pheasant hunts at a participating Controlled Shooting Area (CSA). Each hunt includes a 3-rooster limit per person. Our aim is to focus on youth without a mentor and little to no opportunity to go hunting after their initial mentoring experience in the PF/QF Youth Mentor Hunt program. In the future, the Next Steps Hunt Program hopes to expand opportunities to all those interested in joining the upland hunting community, regardless of age.

Program Objectives

  1. Increase the mentoring opportunities beyond a one-time Mentor Hunt.
  2. Provide a group hunting structure and social support for novice hunters.
  3. Use Controlled Shooting Areas as part of a novice hunter’s pathway on the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model to aid in their decision to continue to hunt with support.

Next Steps Hunt Program Online Forms

Thank you for your interest in the Next Steps Hunt Program. Please take a moment to fill-out the appropriate form. The information collected will be used for program reporting and to help coordinate/schedule hunts with a participating Controlled Shooting Area (CSA).

If you find that you do not meet all of the requirements for participating in the Next Steps Hunt Program, please contact Holly Green,, as we have alternatives available for a variety of situations. We want to get you hunting!

Participant Registration (for youth & adults)
Controlled Shooting Area Registration
CSA Reimbursement Request

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Education and Outreach

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to educating current and future generations of land stewards and hunters.

Hunting and Conservation

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