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Flowers Forever Pollinator Bear


Give the gift of flowers forever! This sweet looking Pollinator Bear is filled with wildflower seed so that you can enjoy high-quality habitat at home. The seed mix was designed by Pheasants Forever biologists with a combination of wildflowers, legumes and native grasses and will cover approximately 200 square feet or a 10×20 foot area.

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High Quality Habitat

Pheasants Forever has high standards for wildlife habitat. After all, we are the habitat organization. Whether you’re interested in wildlife or wildflowers, we encourage the use of seed mixtures that follow our High Quality Habitat Standard:
  • A minimum of 50% of the seed mixture will be comprised of wildflowers and forbs.
  • Each seeding mixture will contain 40 or more species to provide high diversity and broad benefits.
  • Each seeding mixture will contain at least one appropriate milkweed species to benefit monarch butterflies.
  • An appropriate number of flowering plants will be provided throughout the entire growing season.
  • Seeding mixtures are designed using the appropriate seeds per square foot for each species.

A note about wildflower and pollinator seed mixes

Seed may be broadcast over an area in early fall after a hard frost has occurred or early in the spring. If broadcast seeded, the seed must have seed to soil contact to germinate and may very lightly be raked into the soil to increase germination.

Broadcast seeding immediately ahead of a snowfall or heavy rain will increase seed to soil contact. Please note that seeds planted deeper than 1/4″ may negatively impact the germination of some wildflower species.

The establishment of a wildflower, prairie, or pollinator seed mix depends on two critical elements: time and management. Many of the wildflower species listed in these mixtures will take several years to show up…be patient. In addition, the natural process of plant succession means that you’ll need to manage the stand to keep it looking diverse and colorful in the future. Otherwise, grasses tend to dominate the community. Every two years, plan to manage your habitat by applying some form of management like prescribed burning, herbicide application, light disking, managed grazing or haying.

The Habitat Organization

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education, and land management policies and programs.