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Food for Thought: The Adventures Don’t End in the Field
Article written by Jenny Prenosil, Conservation Ag Coordinating Wildlife Biologist
The adventures of a hunt should never end when you load the dogs to head home. There is something extremely satisfying to sit down at the table and have a story about the food you are about to eat, with pride knowing you provided that meal. If there is a single most important part of introducing someone to the culture of hunting, it is through the process of enjoying it around the table. Making and eating game with family and friends can be a fun activity on its own!
One of the favorites on the Nebraska team is Jenny’s cream cheese and pepper stuffed turkey breast.

When I started my journey to become a hunter, the preparing and eating of game was a large part of the learning process. It helped that I married someone who enjoys being creative in the kitchen. Incorporating game meat as a regular menu item opens a whole new world of cuisines and styles of cooking.

If you are new or recommending to someone who is new to the adventures of the kitchen, pick recipes which are simple to make, similar enough to dishes normally enjoyed, and complement the flavors of the meat instead of covering it up. In our home, game simply replaces beef or chicken when it is plentiful. ‘Normalizing’ eating game makes it less exotic and intimidating; tacos are still tacos as long as there is salsa. Dishes one is already comfortable with increases the likelihood it will be craved for again.
It is also important to enjoy recipes reserved for favorite cuts of game or special occasions. Eating venison back strap in any other way then with cream cheese, bacon, and jalapenos is borderline sacrilegious! Having these special meals makes for fun traditions which create memories for years. I can already hear my son saying, “Mom and Dad always made it this way”. Making a dish for a special occasion calls for a less subtle recipe. Date night or watching the bowl game should be met with a little more excitement that says, “BAM that’s pheasant!”.
Mushroom Wine Pheasant is a pleasant dish which is perfect for a special occasion. Although easy to make, it has that fancy restaurant aroma to it which works with any upland bird. Perfect for an introduction to game dish or if you are looking for something new to try. Whether it is with this recipe or another, continue the adventures of the hunt when you come home!
For Jenny’s recipe, watch the video below or click here.
About the author:
Jenny and her hunting companion, Hank, featured on the right, love getting out into the field. Whether it be chasing their favorite (quail), or after the pursuit of a pronghorn, hunting puts food on the table for the Prenosil family. Husband Erik loves getting creative in the kitchen and Jenny shares one of her many wild game recipes. Be on the look out for more recipes with Jenny!