Pheasants Forever Nebraska


As the nation’s leading upland wildlife habitat conservation organization, Pheasants Forever is working with farmers, ranchers, landowners, and natural resource agencies to accomplish its mission. To date, Pheasants Forever has impacted over 6.5 million acres in Nebraska through private land conservation programs, chapter projects, and partnerships.

Looking for ways to establish or improve habitat?

Pheasants Forever has a talented team of wildlife biologists ready to assist landowners in finding the right conservation program to meet their personal habitat and land use goals. Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists work one-on-one with landowners in Nebraska to help them enroll in local, state and federal conservation programs. Wildlife biologists also provide technical assistance on how to establish and manage habitat. These positions are part of a unique partnership with Pheasants Forever and its local chapters, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC).

Our team of Farm Bill and Coordinating Wildlife Biologists provide technical assistance to deliver our conservation mission for pheasants, quail, and other wildlife through habitat improvements.

Pheasants Forever has over 280 different grass, wildflower, and legume species available! We design seed mixes to provide better wildlife habitat and meet the seeding requirements of USDA conservation programs. Interested in a custom seed mix? We can help.

Rent a no-till drill from Pheasants Forever. Over 60 no-till grass drills, funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust, provide access to specialized equipment for planting seed mixes that benefit soil conservation, water quality, and wildlife habitat.

Nebraska Pheasants Forever works with conservation partners around the state to provide a variety of habitat programs. Each program is designed to benefit pheasants, quail, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Pheasants Forever has led an effort to educate, empower, and align people who share a common goal: the safe and effective use of prescribed fire. Informative workshops, prescribed burn associations, and planning assistance provide the tools for success.

Nebraska Pheasants Forever has a series of videos and fact sheets that offer helpful advice on many different perspectives of habitat conservation and management.

Through our Habitat Share Partnership, Pheasants Forever has impacted over 30,000 acres on state Wildlife Management Areas by contracting services such as disking and interseeding, brush removal, and food plot establishment.

Sharing our passion for pheasants, quail, and other wildlife

Pheasants Forever is committed to educating land stewards, hunters, and the next generation of conservationists through education and outreach programs. Pheasants Forever offers habitat tours, prescribed burn workshops, mentored hunts, and other events to impact youth and adult audiences. Learn more about the conservation of pheasants, quail, and other wildlife.

Pheasants, quail, and other wildlife have four basic habitat requirements: food, cover, water, and space.  Learn more about wildlife habitat.

Education and Outreach

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to educating current and future generations of land stewards and hunters.

Hunting and Conservation

Here are some great ideas on how to spend quality time in the field with friends and family. Also, find out what you can do to support and conserve our natural resources.

Whether you’re interested in pheasants, fire, or wildflowers, we all want to make an impact for wildlife habitat conservation. Pheasant Forever wildlife biologists share their expertise through habitat tours because education and public awareness are a critical part of our mission.

Pheasants Forever answers some frequently asked questions about habitat management, hunting, and populations dynamics. Have a question? Check here first to see if its already been answered.

Pollinator habitat serves multiple benefits for wildlife: nectar for native bees, milkweed for monarchs, and insect-rich cover for pheasant and quail broods. Learn more about how you can improve habitat for pollinators.

Pheasants Forever’s annual meeting brings together people who are passionate about wildlife habitat, hunting, dog training, youth education, and many other related subjects. We share landowner success stories and recognize achievements in conservation. Join us in February.